SenoiaSprints91914 084The mini-sprint shares overall dimensions that are similar if not identical to a full-size midget. Mini-sprints have a wheelbase that is between 66 inches and 74 inches. In fact many competitors are actually making use of old midget chassis. Mini-sprints are exclusively front-engined cars that have their engines located near the middle of the chassis. The maximum offset from the centerline of the chassis is 6 inches. (this is opposed to modified midgets or super-lites that have their engine located radically offset to the left). Mini-sprints also share suspensions that are identical to sprints and midgets. The most popular chassis is the four bar. This is a suspension system that makes use of 4 torsion bars (2 front / 2 rear) that utilize torsion arms and shocks to regulate suspension travel. Some cars will run with a wing on top to help with downforce the get the car to stick to the track. Others will run without a wing to let the car slide for more exciting racing.